Back on track

Thursday August 22, 2013

[From the trip East Coast Odyssey]

We woke this morning to an improved forecast, and instead of our planned rubbish collection and swim we decided to make an immediate departure and try to make Flinders Island on schedule.  The weather was getting increasingly challenging, but the strong winds made for great speed with the sails, and also for great seabirding.  Great-winged Petrels and Cape Petrels were near-constant companions during the daylight hours, and nine species of Albatross with a major highlight being a single distant pass from a Sooty Albatross.  This stunning dusky coloured albatross breeds in the southern Indian and Atlantic Oceans, and has a massive journey to reach the eastern coast of Australia, which it does only occasionally.  While they are seen more regularly in the Great Australian Bight and off the south-west coast of Western Australia, they are a much sought-after species by birdwatchers in Australian waters.




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