Just another day in paradise

Sunday September 1, 2013

[From the trip East Coast Odyssey]

For four days we have been cruising Twofold Bay doing half-day trips for people from the region.  We had people from Eden, Merimbula, Pambula, Bega and even Bermagui.  There were also people from Sydney on holidays, and hopefully we'll see them again when we arrive in Sydney Harbour in two weeks.

Each day on Twofold Bay was quite different, with some days being better for sailing, others with great birds, and still others with wonderful dolphin experiences.  Highlights included a large pod of more than 50 Common Dolphins in a feeding frenzy mixed in with Gannets, Gulls, Terns and even a few New-Zealand Fur Seals; beautiful smooth seas and just enough wind to keep the sails full; Humpback Whales between us and Eden, right in Twofold Bay; and of course chatting with our guests!

In terms of wildlife there was usually something around to keep people interested.  We had Shy Albatross most days, and a Yellow-nosed and Buller's Albatross made a brief but distant appearance on one day.  We had a Brown Skua as part of the feeding frenzy of dolpins, a regular but scarce visitor to Australian shores in winter.  On the final day it was so calm that we could see dozens of Common Diving Petrels swimming and diving under the water, something that is usually not possible when the wind is rippling the water.  We also had a single Wedge-tailed Shearwater, unusual as it must be overwintering in the area, and is a species that is rarely solitary.

Some of our visitors were people from the Sapphire Coast Marine Discovery Centre http://www.sapphirecoastdiscovery.com.au/, and we had others from the Eden Killer Whale Museum http://www.killerwhalemuseum.com.au/, both of which are definitely worth a visit if you are in the area.

In terms of trawls for plastic, they were surprisingly clear of plastic, but even in such a pristine environment there were a few pieces in every trawl.  On top of that, we observed pieces of plastic floating in the bay, including a bristle from a scrubbing brush and even a square of cling film that was mimicking a jellyfish.

In all Eden was a great port to visit, with lots of friendly people and some great wildlife.




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