East of Eden

Monday September 2, 2013

[From the trip East Coast Odyssey]

We’re back under sail!  It felt good to cast off from Eden, despite how wonderful the town has been.  Last night we welcomed Melodee on board from Mildura in Victoria.  She was tired from her long drive but keen to go sailing. Pointing our bowsprit north towards Ulladulla we headed out off the shelf.  Humpback Whales were our constant companions, with over 30 seen during the afternoon, including some really nice breaching, tail slapping and fin slapping behaviour.  Fairy Prions and Albatross were quite common once we reached about 100m depth, and the swell was minimal for most of the day.  The wind died off during the mid-afternoon and we reluctantly turned on the motor to cover some distance.  This meant we were now doing enough speed for some Common Dolphins to ride our bow wave!  Possibly the best thing we saw this day was after the sun had set, on a change of watch, a small pod of dolphins were tagging along with the boat.  The bioluminescence in the water was particularly pronounced tonight and the dolphins looks like sparkling pillars of glowing water trailing alongside the boat or streaking ahead of the bow.




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