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The tall ship Yukon had just completed a crossing of Bass Strait. They arrived late, having encountered less than ideal weather enroute. 

The good news was that everyone was in high spirits as we met them about 10 o'clock for a quick sail around Twofold Bay. 

We'd barely cast off when David handed Charlie the wheel and he steered a course towards Mt Imlay as the crew set the sails into wind and turned southwest towards Green Cape.

Fiona and Judy spotted a dolphin surface briefly and the young gannets entertained us diving missile-like into the waves to catch fish.

Euan helped Sadie and Athena climb onto the hammock netting under the bowsprit where they rode just above the waves before Captain Nash spotted the day's first pod of Humpback Whales - which is of course what Eden is most famous for. 

As we cleared the edge of Twofold Bay, rounding past Boyd's Lookout Tower, we were joined by wheeling Shy Albatrosses. Sadie and Charlie broke out the Ukeleles with performances of 'Rip Tide' and 'Counting Stars' as we enjoyed lunch, tea and coffee before turning back towards shore.  

The Green Cape lighthouse glinted on the horizon, marking the corner a continent and the meeting of two oceans.

Eager for more whales, Charlie spotted a splash and sure enough, a mother and calf were frolicking together dwarfed in the shadow of Mt Imlay. The calf was trying to copy mum, lifting its tail and flukes in an awkward and uncoordinated way. They were too busy to worry about us as we sailed past.

It was a lovely day out ... and such a privilege to spend just a little time on such a beautiful ship with such lovely people in one of our most favourite places in Australia.